Washington Unemployment Fraud: How to Protect Yourself

You might have read articles recently (in May 2020) about fraudulent unemployment claims in Washington: The Seattle Times wrote about it here and here, for example. I know I read articles like this and I think “I know they’re saying it’s widespread, but probably I won’t have to worry about it.” That’s wrong – it’s incredibly […]

3 Simple Hacks for Building Your Resilience Today

Across the globe, things feel pretty uncertain, but you already have a mechanism for getting through whatever comes your way – resilience. Resilience doesn’t mean you’re unflappable or immune to setbacks – things happen. Resilience is your ability to take challenges in stride and bounce back from adversity, perhaps even better than before. As the […]

Leadership Hack: 3 Key Elements for Boosting Team Morale

No individual or business is immune to the impacts that COVID-19 has had across the world these past months. For the first time in history, we are all united under one common realization – that to get through this, we will have to work together. As organizations work to strategize ways for coming out of […]

Software Engineers: Tips for Preparing for Video Interviews

The coronavirus outbreak is having a massive impact on how software engineers work today. Leading tech companies across the globe are doing their part to mitigate the spread by requesting or requiring their employees work from home and canceling in-person interviews in favor of virtual & video meetings. We’re seeing it at big companies (Facebook, […]

3 Ways to Collaborate More Effectively with Your Software Engineering Team

Have you ever finished your first week on a new client project wishing you had forged better connections and camaraderie with your new team? They might be some of the smartest engineers out there, and they, like you, jumped at the chance to work on this cutting-edge project for an innovative company. But something’s missing. […]

Software Engineers: How to Demonstrate Your EQ During Interviews

You’ve practiced dozens of coding challenges online, rehearsed how to explain your deep technical knowledge, and have spent a good hour researching the company you’re interviewing with – you’re well-positioned to ace your next interview – almost. As home to Seattle’s top software engineering consultants, we work closely with area businesses to understand exactly what […]

Pitching Your Company to Candidates

Getting attention in a crowded recruiting market requires a clear pitch with an honest voice and many, many fewer adjectives than you might have imagined. Here’s a way to build your pitch.

Don’t Lower the Bar, Widen the Net

Can’t find an exact match for your skill list? Go broad (include more skills) rather than shallow (reducing the required talent level). With pretty pictures! Don’t miss it.

Hiring, Auditions, and Interviewing For Success

Today Sam Altman, one of the Y Combinator partners, posted an article called How to Hire. There’s much to agree with in here, and a few points that I think are wrongheaded (mostly around the overused-and-underdefined phrase “culture fit”, and some assertions which are really just ageism), but the point that generated the most discussion […]

Avoiding Zombie Startups

Life is too short to be stuck at a zombie startup – a company that’s not going anywhere at any speed. Here’s a plan for identifying companies worth avoiding (or leaving) while you find your Next Big Thing(TM).

Rooster Park Geeks Give Back

This last week, Rooster Park staff participated in Vittana‘s Geeks Give Back challenge. Vittana is a local organization with a global mission: to help raise people out of poverty by supporting their educational process through microloans. It’s an amazing team and mission, growing fast, with a >99.8% repayment rate from their students. I’m insanely pleased […]