Tell Us What You Make!

It’s in your best interest to tell a recruiter what you make now and what you wish to make going forward. Understanding the reasons helps you do a better job negotiating for yourself.

Four questions for an agency recruiter

Jimmy Recruiter just called you and told you about a job, and after you swallowed your annoyance and gotten through the obligatory BS, you’ve realized you might actually want the gig. If Jimmy’s with an agency (i.e. not an in-house recruiter), here are the four questions you should ask right away.

The power of your first question

Your first question reflects your level and highly predicts your likelihood of going forward for this position. In that first question, I’m learning about what’s important to you, what level you’re at, (often) if you were listening, and (sometimes) how insightful you are. This is all in your first 20 words.