More thoughts on job finding for hackers

Following up on Steve Buckley’s great Finding a Job for Hackers post, I’ve written up a few other considerations, like your objective and cover letter, and a mini-rant on LinkedIn. Check it out.

Think like you think, not do what you do

I spoke with an entrepreneur last week, and we talked about a smart hiring trick. He runs a buy-low-sell-high e-commerce business, picking up distressed inventory and selling it at market prices through Amazon. He wants to get out of the way as much as possible, and hire people or companies to just take care of […]

Setting Up Recruiting Agencies for Success

Now you’ve hired a staffing firm (or six), and they’ve said they’re going to deliver you great candidates, but you aren’t seeing them. You can do something about this. It takes time and takes putting frustrations aside, but if you have an agency that you think can deliver for you and they aren’t, you can help them be successful. Here are some tips for the care & feeding of your beloved (ha!) staffing agency.

Hiring a recruiter: how to choose your staffing firm

Some startups seeking ninja rockstar gurus have found some using staffing agencies, and others haven’t. With a few years in this business now, I believe this isn’t an accident. The startups (and mid-sized companies) that have success with agencies do two things well: pick the right agencies and set up agencies for success. This post will just cover the first topic: I’ll cover the second one next time.

Every Two Weeks Like

My customers are using me so that the right people build their products. Sometimes I’m helping them find the right people for their own organization, and they’re managing them; sometimes they’re entrusting their product (or their company’s future) to my team. What I plan to do in this blog is to write about that.

Introducing the New Rooster Park (.com)

When I started Rooster Park in 2008, I was just planning a one-person shop – basically a legal entity around my plans to act as an interim VP of Engineering for companies that needed short-term help. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with this business, or if consulting was just a way station until I found the next thing to do. I certainly didn’t know that it would like the company it is today, and I often tell candidates that I accidentally fell into this business.