An online food-and-wine retailer with a unique flash-sale-style offering model and some uniquely complex customer and supply chain mechanics came to us with a major challenge: their current systems weren’t being effectively supported, and they felt stuck, both with their technology and with their vendor.

We had several challenges:

  • Redesign and rebuild the customer experience – building on things that worked, removing some non-standard parts of the experience, and making sure that their high-touch customers weren’t left without a path forward.
  • Dramatically improve key supply chain systems – make it easier for their logistics teams to pick, pack, and ship non-standard items with unusual shipping cycles, and allow for lots of exceptional cases.
  • Interpret data – we had a subset of the actual data to work with, and had to fill in many holes with limited information, without impacting customers negatively or reducing confidence in inventory.
  • Ship with limited downtime – keep sales from tanking in a key time period.

In just a few months, we built a custom retail ordering and backoffice application – replacing the key functionality of the existing application with a new, simpler, more flexible ordering system, mapping core services to existing business processes and consulting on some business process improvements, and dramatically improving uptime and response time. Customers are happy with the zippiness of the system, staff members are happy to work with us as a partner, and company sales have increased.