Modern Mobile Development


One of the world’s largest gaming companies – with a massive presence both offline and online – has a mobile application to encourage social gaming. That application includes a wide variety of games plus social experiences – game lobbies, leaderboards, statistics, payment systems, etc. Developed over a period of years as two separate applications – one for iOS, one for Android – and primarily depending on a combination of web views and native code, the application was slow to load, crashed often, and was inconsistently documented.



Our team joined up with their engineering group to prototype a cross-platform, long-term solution. Using React Native, we rebuilt the core infrastructure of the underlying application – everything from device identification, to audio handling, to connection to core OS services – and integrated with the existing game software and social features. We saw an immediate improvement in the customer experience – an instant reduction in crash rates, significant improvement in startup time and time-to-first-play, and an uptick in positive reviews. Even more importantly, we’re rebuilding features that were done as standard web views into React Native, making them both feel better and perform better.