Software Engineers: How to Demonstrate Your EQ During Interviews

You’ve practiced dozens of coding challenges online, rehearsed how to explain your deep technical knowledge, and have spent a good hour researching the company you’re interviewing with – you’re well-positioned to ace your next interview – almost. As home to Seattle’s top software engineering consultants, we work closely with area businesses to understand exactly what […]

Hiring, Auditions, and Interviewing For Success

Today Sam Altman, one of the Y Combinator partners, posted an article called How to Hire. There’s much to agree with in here, and a few points that I think are wrongheaded (mostly around the overused-and-underdefined phrase “culture fit”, and some assertions which are really just ageism), but the point that generated the most discussion […]

The power of your first question

Your first question reflects your level and highly predicts your likelihood of going forward for this position. In that first question, I’m learning about what’s important to you, what level you’re at, (often) if you were listening, and (sometimes) how insightful you are. This is all in your first 20 words.