Leadership Hack: 3 Key Elements for Boosting Team Morale

No individual or business is immune to the impacts that COVID-19 has had across the world these past months. For the first time in history, we are all united under one common realization – that to get through this, we will have to work together. As organizations work to strategize ways for coming out of […]

Hiring, Auditions, and Interviewing For Success

Today Sam Altman, one of the Y Combinator partners, posted an article called How to Hire. There’s much to agree with in here, and a few points that I think are wrongheaded (mostly around the overused-and-underdefined phrase “culture fit”, and some assertions which are really just ageism), but the point that generated the most discussion […]

Avoiding Zombie Startups

Life is too short to be stuck at a zombie startup – a company that’s not going anywhere at any speed. Here’s a plan for identifying companies worth avoiding (or leaving) while you find your Next Big Thing(TM).