Setting Up Recruiting Agencies for Success

Now you’ve hired a staffing firm (or six), and they’ve said they’re going to deliver you great candidates, but you aren’t seeing them. You can do something about this. It takes time and takes putting frustrations aside, but if you have an agency that you think can deliver for you and they aren’t, you can help them be successful. Here are some tips for the care & feeding of your beloved (ha!) staffing agency.

Hiring a recruiter: how to choose your staffing firm

Some startups seeking ninja rockstar gurus have found some using staffing agencies, and others haven’t. With a few years in this business now, I believe this isn’t an accident. The startups (and mid-sized companies) that have success with agencies do two things well: pick the right agencies and set up agencies for success. This post will just cover the first topic: I’ll cover the second one next time.