Every Two Weeks Like

This past January, Kate Matsudaira (SEOmoz’s engineering marvel) tried to convince me that I should really, truly, blog this time, rather than my previous attempts. She was right, of course, but I put it in the “infinite future” bucket.

Then in April, Jason Cohen attacked my core reasons for avoiding blogging with a great excerpt from a Virtual Impax post:

If you’re in business, you’re either helping customers/clients to:

1. achieve a goal,

2. satisfy a desire, and/or

3. solve a problem.

Decide which of those things you do, and write down exactly what that thing is. You’re not identifying what you do but rather the end result that your customers are using you for.

Now write about that.

My customers are using me so that the right people build their products. Sometimes I’m helping them find the right people for their own organization, and they’re managing them; sometimes they’re entrusting their product (or their company’s future) to my team.

So what I plan to do in this blog is to write about that – the people and the building (but mostly the people). Mark Suster writes about being at both sides of the table as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist: this will be my humble attempt to write about being both an engineering hiring manager and a recruiter, and the tricks and tips along the way. I expect the audiences will vary: so far, I have one post for hiring managers/execs, one for job seekers dealing with agencies, and one for people thinking about contracting. (That last one is too long. Need to wait until the Internet has more electrons.)

Also, here’s the goal, in green and orange and read all over: I will post every two weeks(-ish? is that too hedgy?) I’ve always been a believer in writing it down, and I’m going to apply that here.