Rooster Park Geeks Give Back

This last week, Rooster Park staff participated in Vittana‘s Geeks Give Back challenge. Vittana is a local organization with a global mission: to help raise people out of poverty by supporting their educational process through microloans. It’s an amazing team and mission, growing fast, with a >99.8% repayment rate from their students.

I’m insanely pleased to announce that we were the third-place team in the challenge, raising $4418 in just one week. (This includes a Rooster Park 100% match of all contributions.) More than a quarter of our team participated, and we helped 24 students worldwide – from systems engineers in Nicaragua to chefs in Bolivia. (See more details at our Vittana Team Page.)

If you’re a FORP (friend of Rooster Park, duh), feel free to help via our team page as well – the challenge is over but the need still stands. Thanks to all of our folks who participated!