Rooster Park’s Office – now 100% less virtual

Since we started in 2008, we’ve been a fully virtual company – every engineer and recruiter has either worked onsite for a client or from their homes/coffee shops/etc. This has worked fairly well, for the most part – engineers built dark caves to work in at their basements, recruiters camped out at the Panera that didn’t enforce the wifi limits, etc.

As we’ve been growing through 2011, though, it became clear that our recruiting staff will be more effective, aligned, and satisfied if they’re able to talk to each other, cross-train on skills development in one place, and learn from each other through osmosis. So we’ve set up our first office at 4534 11th Ave NE, just north of 45th in the University District. IMPORTANT UPDATE, September 2012: We are not at this office anymore! Do not come visit us here, you will not find us (or anyone else). See our updated office post for more information.)

We’re on the second floor of the Health Alliance International¬†building, surrounded by a number of other small businesses. We’re right next to Jordan Schwartz and the rest of the Pathable team, and there’s a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, an iOS startup, a law firm, a lobbyist, and some people I haven’t met yet. Jordan’s been doing snack runs to the Trader Joe’s down the street – it will be our turn soon.

The space is great: our office has a lot of light, a random mix of furniture I found in the hallway and bought from Office Depot, a built-in bookshelf currently holding post-its, and fast net connections. The larger area has some comfortable common rooms. The bathroom has this warning:

Right now, our engineering practice is still virtual, but there’s space to grow, and some other local places to check out if we outgrow this spot. It is exciting to have a real address.

We do have one serious disagreement: three votes for Chaco Canyon, and one vote against. As the dissenter, I refuse to solve this over a wheatgrass smoothie. Instead, I vote for the closest restaurant Yelp has to offer.

Come visit anytime!