Some Rooster Park Updates

The post-Labor Day rush that we’ve seen two years in a row has kept us away from the blog, but we have a few positive updates:

  • We’ve made this year’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Washington. It’s our first year of eligibility, and it’s great to be with such esteemed company as our clients RealSelf and SEOmoz, plus some of the region’s other great consulting firms. We’ll have some updates on our final placement and some photos from the event in mid-October.
  • Founder/CEO/guy typing this Scott Ruthfield was named to this year’s Puget Sound’s 40 Under 40. The profile includes photos with (fake) livestock, insight into a potential evening career, and just a few embarrassing items and errors.
  • We’ve moved! We’re now at 901 Thomas Street, right in the heart of South Lake Union, in what used to be the Jones Soda Building. We’ve been there for a week now: we’ve set up an account at the Yellow Dot Cafe, we’re counting the number of previous Amazon colleagues we’re each running into on the sidewalks (I had two on Friday), and we’ll hold some sort of mini-shindig in our 1200sf once we’re no longer working on card tables and sawhorses. Meanwhile, feel free to visit anytime, unless you’re the guy walking Thomas Street spraying Windex on everyone you see.

More soon!