We’re Sponsoring the Hacker News Seattle Meetup

I’ve been a longtime reader and occasional contributor on Hacker News, YCombinator’s news aggregator, which focuses primarily on startup-friendly technical and business-oriented conversations, with occasionally-interesting diversions, and regular broadsides against horrific recruiting practices. ¬†(Here’s my profile, 778 days old as of today.) Most notably, I created a Google Spreadsheet of HN freelancers, which still has some life to it more than a year later.

When Zac Cohn¬†decided to start a Seattle Meetup, I thought that was a great idea, and the people who RSVP have been an interesting mix of hackers, business people, old, young, in between. I wasn’t able to make either of the first two, but I’m happy for Rooster Park to sponsor the third, happening tomorrow night at The Easy. It’s full at 160 people, but maybe you can show up and just whisper rooooooosterrrrrr at the door. I don’t think it will work, but it sounds awesome.

Hope to see you tomorrow night! I’ll be the guy getting jostled by a large number of people, thinking about what he’ll say in 30 seconds on the microphone.

Oh, and in case you look at this later: we’re always looking for great clients for full-time and contract positions, and great engineering professionals for those positions. We’re fortunate to be choosy on both counts, and we won’t bother you with nonsense.