We have the best consulting engineers in Puget Sound. How? We’re insanely careful about who we bring on, and then when we hire someone, we integrate them into our high-performance, supportive, growth-oriented culture. Bring us on as individuals or as a team: we will partner with your existing engineering organization or create one.


Dozens of companies, big and small, trust us to find them the right long-term fits for their technology and culture. We do this with an extreme degree of care and thoughtfulness, with quality, transparency, and a deep understanding of what makes someone successful at your company.


Rooster Park focuses on high value, hard-to-find candidates, and builds great, local teams for our partners that work in our office or theirs. We’re not a body shop: if you need 10 low-cost manual testers tomorrow, there are better shops than ours. If you need talented and experienced engineering team members, with virtually no fuss, we’re the firm for you.

The vast majority of our sourcing comes from people we already know.


We’re obsessively focused on carefully selecting and vetting our candidates, so that our clients aren’t overwhelmed with a pile of resumes with the appropriate buzzwords. Approximately 50% of our candidates have worked with us before: for those who haven’t, we spend an average of four hours evaluating the candidate’s skill set before sending them your way.

We spend an average of four hours evaluating the candidate’s skill set.


When we do send them to you, we provide a detailed, real bio, not just a buzzword checklist. We’re going to send a small number of candidates to you, and only candidates we’re proud to send: if a candidate isn’t a match, we want to figure out why. The only metric we really care about year-over-year is interviews to offers: that’s our best measure of quality.

We have a 2:1 candidate interview/offer ratio.