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Companies across Seattle trust that we have the best engineers in Puget Sound to help them deliver key projects or fill long-term needs.

Why? We vet all of our software engineers with an extreme degree of care and thoughtfulness – with quality, transparency, and a deep understanding of the nuances that make someone successful at your company. Our engineers fit right into our high-performance, high-integrity culture and are ready to get to work. Whether you’re in need of a team of consultants for your project or are looking for one person to help for the long-term, we’re ready to go. Let’s do this.

What projects are on your radar?

Our network of software engineers has deep experience in:


Platform Development:

The best technology companies in the world trust us to support their platform development initiatives with top talent. Our engineers have years of experience in developing massive-scale personalization systems, data transformation infrastructure, payment and billing systems, and more.


Cloud Adoption:

If your organization is looking to migrate your current technical practices and deployments to public and hybrid cloud systems, we’re your people. Our network of engineers is experienced with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.


Agile Transformation:

As part of your team, our consultants will work to connect agile best practices to what’s already working effectively in your organization’s development lifecycles – iteratively improving the processes of reliable delivery.

How we recruit at Rooster Park

1. Sourcing

We know where to find Seattle’s top software engineers – because they’re already in our network.

Rooster Park focuses on sourcing high value, hard-to-find candidates to fill key consulting roles and to build great, local teams for our partners. We build teams that are ready to get right to work, either from our office or onsite. We’re not a body shop: if you need 10 low-cost manual testers tomorrow, there are better shops than ours. If you need talented and experienced engineering team members, with virtually no fuss, we’re the firm for you.

Personal_Contacts_Icon@2x copy

Personal Contacts:

Top engineers aren’t sourced through cold calls and emails. We’ve spent years building relationships with engineers, and leverage a network of people we’ve gotten to really know. When we begin a new search, it’s with people who will pick up the phone when we call.

Client_Referral_@2x copy

Candidate Referrals:

We’ve worked with hundreds of engineers and dozens of partners – we trust them, they trust us, and they’re eager to introduce us to reliable professionals in their networks.

2. Evaluating

Tested and vetted by our very own senior engineers.

Anyone can hand you a pile of resumes with the appropriate buzzwords – that’s not what we’re about. We’re obsessively careful when selecting and vetting our candidates and spend an average of four hours evaluating their skill sets. Approximately 50% of our candidates have worked with us before and are trusted high-performers.

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Technical Interviews:

It takes more than a couple of conversations to identify the right engineers for your positions. Our comprehensive technical screening process involves a combination of in-person technical interviews with our engineering staff, code samples, and online coding tests to vet technical skills.

Behaviroral_Interviews_Icon@2x copy

Behavioral interviews:

Top software engineers possess more than deep technical knowledge – they have the soft skills needed to be true team players. We dig deep to make sure our engineers are the type of people you want on your team and that they align with your culture. If we’re not 100% confident in a candidate, we’re not afraid to move on.

3. Connecting

We have a 2:1 candidate interview/offer ratio.

When we introduce you to an engineer, we already believe they’re the perfect fit. The only metric we really care about year-over-year is interviews to offers – that’s our best measure of quality. We get it right the first time, which is why we have fewer than one hire per year who lasts less than 90 days.

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Consultative Approach:

Our processes are incredibly high-touch. We take a consultative approach throughout the hiring process to ensure you have the ideal software engineers for the job.

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Powerful Connections:

In the end, there needs to be a perfect fit – technically, culturally, emotionally – between the client and the engineer, whether they’re a consultant or a permanent hire. We get it – and won’t stop until we deliver.

In a Nutshell

Our process to find the right people for your team takes time, thoughtfulness, and nuance; it's what makes us a unique partner in a highly-competitive industry which too often ends up as a race to the fastest submittal.

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